Thursday, August 12, 2010

Organic way to treat and prevent pimples and acne!!
Show me someone who has never had a single pimple in their life and.. you can't can you? Whether we like it or not, our skin breaks out,  whether it's all the time or only occasionally. It our skin's way of getting rid of all the dirt and impurities we keep inside. Let's say you know someone who has "perfect" skin, (maybe even you). Well, most people still get an occasional pimple here and there. Whether it's because of something we eat or if it's during that dreaded time of the month, Zatik's products are great for any skin type, ranging from severe cases of acne, to an occasional pimple or zit here and there. And who said skin care is only for woman? Last I checked men have skin too and they have to take care of it just as well as us woman! First, you have to start by cleansing your skin daily. Our skin needs to be cleansed daily so we can keep dirt and impurities off our face. These factors can cause breakouts! The cleansing gel is great for anyone who has combination-oily skin. It contains Peruvian Dragon's blood, which will reduce acne, pimples, blemishes and it will also prevent future breakouts. It will deep clean your pores and give you that real clean feeling, without wondering what kind of harsh chemicals are in the product. You don't have to worry about that with Zatik's products, because they are free from preservatives, parabens, and any synthetic ingredients and fragrances. Next step is the toner! (My favorite part) The Clarifying & Refreshing Toner lives up to it's name and truly does clarify and refresh. Just a light mist on your face will make you feel like you're at an expensive spa. This toner doesn't just make you feel good it also treats your skin, balancing your oil and PH levels on your skin (which will reduce pimples! Hooray!). So this is perfect for anyone, from dry-oily skin. For those of you who like to wear make-up, you can even set your make-up with this and it will not smear or smudge! How awesome is that?? Last step is to moisturize, and most people would want to use something with an SPF during the day. Well there's that too. The herbal moisturizer is a day AND night time moisturizer and here's why! The Herbal Moisturizer contains zinc oxide as the sun protection, and this will not clog your pores. A lot of us with oily skin kind of stray away from sunblocks because of the oiliness and the fact that most of them clog our pores. This product is extremely light and will protect your skin from the sun. (By the way it's SPF 15 = highest you can go naturally) You can repeat these steps at night too or if you don't want to use the herbal moisturizer, you can go ahead and use the Active Balancing Creme or the Seaweed Wrinkle Creme to help with fine lines and wrinkles. And did I forget to mention that these two products double as an eye creme AND a moisturizer! ( This is just getting better and better!) Next you can use the cleansing grain twice a week at most. The cleansing grain works as a scrub and removes dead skin cells and smooths flaky skin. And get this, it can also be used as a MASK! :-) Just use that once or twice a week, along with the previous steps mentioned and you're on your way to perfect skin! Well almost perfect ;-) You can buy any of these products mentioned at