Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sea Buckthorn the Miracle Fruit!!

Sea Buckthorn?? What’s that? Is it really a miracle plant? Many of you are probably scratching your heads and thinking what the heck is Sea Buckthorn?! This wonderful/amazing/incredible plant grows in the mountaintop regions of the Himalayas and other parts of Europe and Asia. This just shows to tell you how much I LOVE this plant and soon enough, you will too. Sea Buckthorn, scientific name Hippophae Rhamnoides, has proven to be the most nutritious fruit known to man. According to legend, ancient Greeks would give this plant to race horses thus the name Hippophae, meaning shiny horse. But the most shocking legend relates convicts being placed in barrels of boiling water. If the water contained Sea Buckthorn oil, the convict had a chance to survive. Wow! How wonderfully weird does that sound?  This fruit also has a high abundance of some of the rarest and most powerful antioxidants in the world and it is the only plant known to contain essential fatty acids 3, 6, 7, and 9 AND contains all these vitamins, C, A, B1, B2, B6, B9, E, K, P, F. All this sounds great, but how can it actually benefit the skin? The Vitamin C along with the other antioxidants will help to diminish wrinkles and premature aging and help to reduce skin damage caused by free radicals. Sea Buckthorn can also aid in skin inflammation, scald, burn and wound repair. The plant is also anti acne, so it can help with blemish and acne prone skin. What can this plant NOT do for the skin?? It definitely covers almost all, if not all concerns people might have about their own skin. So what does all this talk about Sea Buckthorn have to do with Zatik? Well, we don’t mean to brag, but we have 3 products containing Sea Buckthorn! YES 3!! Now you can have your favorite organic skin care with the wonderful benefits of Sea Buckthorn. The three products containing this powerful fruit are the Daily Hand Lotion, the Healing Foot Crème, and the Herbal Moisturizer. Let me just start by saying that the Daily Hand Lotion and Healing Foot Crème are my favorite products which I use daily, because I just can’t live without them (along with other Zatik products, but we’ll get into that another day ). The Daily Hand Lotion helps with premature aging, UV damage, promotes elasticity, and provides healing, not to mention it moisturizes amazingly well and doesn’t leave your hands all greasy. Oh and it smells so good!!!! Mmmm :-) The Foot Crème, is excellent for dry and chapped feet. It will help with bruising, swelling, sprains, pain, wounds, cuts, blisters, and irritations. It is also antiviral and anti-fungal. (phew!) And all that goodness for just $10, I'd get 5! The last product on our list containing Sea Buckthorn is the Herbal Moisturizer. If many of you don’t already know, this particular moisturizer also acts as a sunscreen with a natural SPF of 15 (we use Zinc Oxide). This product is so light you can even wear it on at night and not worry about the fact that it’s a sunscreen and it will clog your pores. Just think of it as a regular moisturizer and the sunscreen is only an added bonus. This product will help with existing and prevent future UV damage, promote skin re-balance and normalization, and it will help the skin retain more moisture, giving you a healthy and radiant look. This moisturizer is only $24 and I guarantee you will love it. Don’t forget, all these products mentioned contain Sea Buckthorn, known as the super fruit. By using these products daily, you will see a major improvement in your skin and notice that it looks and feels much healthier. Who doesn’t want perfect looking skin? There’s no such thing, but we can come darn close, by using very safe, effective, and most importantly organic products from Zatik. If you’re the kind of person that read all the skin problems mentioned earlier and thought to yourself, I don’t have any of those problems, so I don’t need to use these products. Wrong. Our products help heal the skin, but it’s not going to dry out, or react with your skin in any way. It will just make your skin that much more healthier and perfect. Well almost perfect ;-) You can buy any of these products mentioned at

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